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The idea of a Secret Santa or Pollyanna is very simple - everyone puts their name in a hat, everyone picks a name from the hat and buys that person a present. Everyone gets a present! Everyone's happy!
You can give and receive presents to celebrate any occassion: Hannukah, Christmas, Birthdays, etc. It is really non-demoninational and loads of fun!

Because of the complexity of real-world situations, there is usually a person who ends up being the Secret Santa Co-Ordinator. In most cases, they end up knowing exactly who picked what name and thus taking some of the fun out of it for that one person.

Here, we still have a single person managing things, but they are only managing the accounts and the shuffling of the list. NO ONE (except the computer) ever knows who picked what name! It is fun for all!
If you have been instructed by the person managing your picks to log in, your pick has already been chosen by the computer. If not, then you may see your previous year's pick.

If you have never used this before, then you can become a co-ordinator for a new list!

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